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Like many women, I was tired of suffering through my period every month.

Ever since I could remember, periods sucked.  I mean, heavy bleeding and excruciating cramps that lasted 7 or more days were definitely not my favorite part of the month, especially as a child.  But it happened EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.

For years.

It wasn’t until my mom got really sick, lost all her weight, and was bedridden until shit started to change.

The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong so of course they couldn’t heal her, right?  Right.  So I began to research herbs and holistic treatments (the ones that made sense).  After trying a few herbs, we began to make some progress.  She began to gain weight and feel better.

Seeing her heal made me think, “I wonder if I could do something about these fucking cramps.”  And I did.

I started researching and trying different herbs for different issues.  Steaming my yoni made my flow lighter and reduced my cramps.  Drinking the tea made me have no cramps.

That was a few years ago.  I have learned quite a bit about herbs and healing since then.  In 2019, I’ll start going to school to study acupuncture and oriental medicine.

What started as an illness, became an apothecary.

Our Goal Is To Provide
Quality Over Quantity

Our products are all organic.  Why?  Because you only want to use the best products on and in your body.  All of our products are made with certified organic ingredients sourced from the most reputable suppliers.  

Providing the Products You Need To Continue Your Busy Life

How many times have you tried a pain medication for your cramps and it didn’t work?  How many times have you finished a yeast infection cream only to start suffering again a few days later?  Our holistic remedies don’t just get rid of your symptoms while still leaving you susceptible to dealing with the same issues again the next week or month.  Don’t keep suffering.  It’s 2018.


“Sooooo… your milk bath is soon relaxing.  And makes my skin super duper soft!  BAE loves grabbing me up after one soak in this bath.  Awesome Product! ”

R. Naomi

“So is my period supposed to change after the FIRST steam.  Cuz ummmm… My period too easy.  Not too much cramping.  No OVERFLOW. How?”

C. Love

Don't let horrible periods stop your flow. Keep living your life, sis.