Rhodonite Yoni Eggs


Need to connect your heart and mind?  Aight boom… Rhodonite can help.



Rhodonite helps you to relax your mind so that you don’t take everything so seriously.  With this stone in hand- or yoni- you are able to see the humor in mental challenges and allow that laughter to relieve pressure and uplift you mentally and emotionally.  This is a good stone to assist you in healing and balancing the physical body.  When you are going through physical healing, emotional healing, financial reestablishment, or grief recovery, this stone reminds you that it is important to take time to recover after you’ve been through the wringer.  Recovery time is necessary to restore your balance so that it doesn’t result in future disease or imbalances.

A white sage bundle is included with every egg.

Origin: Madagascar

Color: Pin and black with possible grey swirls

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